TTArtisan 7.5mm f/2 Fisheye Manual Focus Lens with ND1000 Filter (APS-C)

Available in these mounts:

Sony E
Fujifilm FX
Canon EOS-M
Micro Four Thirds (Panasonic / Olympus)
Nikon Z DX
Canon RF-S
L Mount

F2 Large Aperture Shoot sarry sky

Usually a fisheye lens is always matched with bright F/2.8 maximum aperture, but we do our best to finally develop the first fisheye lens with larger aperture F2, which supports working in difficult lighting conditions with greater light intake, especially shooting the starry sky.

Customized Rear ND1000 Filter

This ND1000 filter  provides a 10-stop exposure reduction across the entire image, allowing the use of a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required. By slowing exposure time, movement may be conveyed more clearly, and by adjusting aperture, depth of field may be more creatively controlled. These abilities are very useful when shooting landscapes, especially in bright sunlight.

Circular Fisheye Creation

While this lens is designed for APS-C sensors, full frame users can also use it to take circular fisheye images.

Landscape Photography

Ultra-wide lens help you capture more beauty. TTArtisan 7.5mm f/2 fisheye lens design renders a 180° angle of view to produce a distinct visual appeal characterized by dramatic distortion and a creative depiction of space, which helps you take wide and innovative landscape photos.