TTArtisan 50mm F2 Manual Focus Lens (Full Frame)

Available in these mounts:

Sony E (Full Frame)
Fujifilm FX
Canon EOS-M
Micro Four Thirds (Panasonic / Olympus)
Nikon Z (Full Frame)
Canon RF
L Mount

Small and Portable, only about 200g

Full frame new choise

50mm is known as the standard focal length, and be liked by no matter master or beginner.  The viewing angle is very close to the actual human eyesight—the most usable in the realistic restoration of the scene and capturing the characteristics of light and shadow. The bokeh at F2 makes you perceive more fun with photography. TTArtisna 50mm f2 full-frame lens weighs only about 200 grams. The lightweight design makes the lens easier to carry, taking the burden off your photography process.

Small and Portable,Carry freely

TTArtisan 50mm F2 is about 3.5cm in length only about 200 grams in weight. Combo with your camera is more suitable for traveling and enjoying creation anytime, anywhere.

F2 bright and large aperture

The large aperture of F2 has relatively less noise in low-light environments, thereby improving image quality. In addition, the large aperture can also be used to create a beautiful bokeh.


50mm standard focal length

50mm is known as the standard focal length. The viewing angle is very close to the actual human eyesight——neither too much deformation nor too compressed space. Whether you are a beginner or a master, 50mm is a neccessary lens.


Clicked  aperture ring  /  Full metal body  /  Threaded front cap